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Our team, which has been in Turkey for more than 40 years and has been using the used tension ceiling systems in Turkey for more than 40 years and has 12 years of sectoral experience in the field, has been working with İnnova Group Ltd. as of 1 April 2013. Shit. And under the Flexmat brand, it has been restructured with its production facility which has 2200 m2 closed and 800 m2 open area. Our company, which has been implementing successful projects in accordance with the standards of European Union with the materials procured from the giant producers in France and Germany; Produces simple, flexible and efficient solutions for ceiling lighting …

Continuing its activities in the domestic, Central Asian Turkic Republics, Middle East and America, it continues to progress towards branding abroad. In this new organization, İnnova Group Ltd. Shit. The company will continue to provide hardware and quality services that can meet all your needs in the fields of electricity, lighting, remote control LED and fiber optic systems.



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Acoustic Wall Ceiling Coatings

Acoustic panels are able to attract the highest quality audio…

3D Wallpapers

Today 3d wallpaper provides unlimited possibilities for interior design of…

Printed Tension Ceiling Applications

You can get an aesthetic, natural and colorful look inside…

Fiber Optic Tension Ceiling Applications

You can fix your own production of single color and…

Lake Tension Ceiling

The aesthetic structure of Flexmat gives a sense of depth…

3D Ceiling Applications

Tension ceiling is applied to the designed wooden or iron…

Transparet Tension Ceiling Applications

Among the Flexmat materials is the most important feature of…

PVC Tension Ceiling Applications

PVC TENSION ROOF FEATURES • Smooth surface does not require…

PVC Gergi TavanUygulamaları

PVC GERGİ TAVAN ÖZELLİKLERİ • Pürüzsüz yüzeyi sayesinde boya ve…

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